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Swedish in action

Want to know exactly what the equipment we use is called in Swedish? 

This is an action oriented pre-intermediate to upper intermediate Swedish course for all age groups, where you will learn how to prepare very simple recipes, such as pastries to go with your "fika". We will be seeing many action verbs and new vocabulary, the course is 100% focused on learning by doing. 

What's included?

  • 10 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 10 Video
  • Complete video scripts
  • 15 E-books


You might want to follow along with the recipes in this course, and prepare a delicious and typical Swedish fika. The purpose is to practice most areas of language acquisition (listening, reading and  writing ) and  see how the language is used in a natural setting. As the course is based on understanding instructions in a structured yet casual way, you will be able to connect actions that are performed and words that are spoken, which will help to memorize new vocabulary and grammar. 

SWEDISH LEVEL B1-B2- Upper intermediate

 The course includes vocabulary, grammar and expressions used at a B1- intermediate and  B2 upper intermediate level, such as phrasal verbs, passive  tenses and an overall practice of the EN-ETT nouns as well as plural groups in Swedish. It will serve to refresh grammar terms seen in previous courses and help memorize through repetition and practice. 
Meet the instructor

Lisa Gratwick 

Lisa  is a teacher of Swedish as a second language since 2010. She holds an MBA and a Bachelor's  degree in Modern Languages and has been teaching online for 10  years. Lisa enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. She looks forward to sharing her love of creating practical, fun and result-oriented  content with all students to help them achieve their language goals in the short term.  Her hope is that her students will find a life-long passion for the Swedish language and will be curious to incorporate it into their lives.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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